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Jonathan Coleman

Eddie Racey

Scott Thomas

Dave Curtis

Dennis Hammons

Nick Meadows

Jeff Kaufmann

Chris Krecota

Sam Hayes

Michael Hayes

Aaron Seyler

Dwayne Humphries

Matt LeVault

Ryan LeVault

Arlie Webb

Jeff Peacemaker


Military Members


Commanding Officer

Gary Sunderland


Robert Slifer

1st Sergeant

Walt Halley

Company Clerk

Doug Sunderland


Mike Cramer
Carl Young

Hunter Puckett

Charlie Carroll

Ben Lesko

Robert Judy

Ian Miller

Austin Halley

Logan Smith

George Humphries

Cody Humphries

Axel Edling

Ivan Edling

Elliott Edling

Melanie Fueschel

James O'Shea

Civilian Members


Mrs. Erin Edling

Mrs. Natalie Krecota

Mrs. Kathy Hayes

Michelle LeVault

Geoffrey Edling

Francesca Edling

Dekota Hayes

Kaitlyn Halley


Civilian Members


Nathan Halley

Eli Thomas

Erika Ommert

Hope Johnson

Mrs. Gwen Napier

Mrs. Vickie Snead

Felicia Peacemaker

Civilians Attempting to Become Members

Gramma Heckman

About Us


The 13th Virginia Infantry, Company I reenacted (A.K.A The Lucky 13th) is a family oriented group that was established in the early 1990’s.  The unit started out small, with only about 15 members, and has grown to approximately 45 men, women and children.  The Lucky 13th is proud to be a part of the 1st Division, Army of Northern Virginia, Inc.  We are the largest unit within the organization.

This unit is well known throughout the reenactment community for its impeccable firing capability and discipline.  The ANV organization permits young men to begin participation at the age of 16; however, exceptions are made beginning at the age of 14 upon successful completion of a safety test.  This test is administered by the General and/or Commanding Officer only.  As a result of hard work and practice, The Lucky 13th is proud to have a perfect safety record since its inception. [i]

The commanding officer of the 13th was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel of the 1st Battalion in November 2014.  He held the position of Overall Commander at the reenactment of the 150th Anniversary of the Surrender at Appomattox in April of 2015. 

The 13th Virginia Company I reenactment group is truly one of kind.  It promotes discipline, respect, safety, family values and is a great educational experience.


[i] The 13th Virginia, Co. I insurance company is Acord. Producer is Thomas B. Carroll Insurance.  It is through 1st Div. Army of Northern Virginia Inc.


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