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Confederate Impressions

Confederate Uniforms - Photographic Evidence

We all want our historical representation of the Confederate soldier to be as correct as it can possibly be.  What better way to do that than through the use of photos of the soldiers themselves?  The following web article, by noted military historian Frederick R. Adolphus, is a conjecture on the uniforms of the Army of Northern Virginia near the end of the War of the Rebellion.  Detailed analysis of late war photographs of fallen Confederate soldiers reveals some surprising facts.  If you are a subscriber to the old "Rag-tag Rebel" stereotype, you need to read this article.

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NOTE: This article contains period pictures of fallen Confederate soldiers.  Viewer discretion is advised.

*Link to this article is used by permission from Mr. Adolphus. and its content are copyright of Adolphus Confederate Uniforms.© Adolphus Confederate Uniforms 2010-2013. All rights reserved.

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